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Peak and Prolong Your Orgasms

While you masturbate, rate the stages of your arousal from 0 (totally non-aroused) to 10 (orgasm and ejaculation). At each stage, say to yourself, "This is what five feels like", "This is what six feels like". Pause at each stage to allow yourself to get a good feel for the stage.

As you masturbate, let yourself roll through several peaks on the way to full orgasm. Take it up to 8 and 9 a few times, then let yourself go back down to 5 or 6. Try to take yourself as close to ejaculation as you can without actually going over. An advanced technique is to level off at 8 or 9, rather than dipping back down. This technique has been known to cause extended and even full body orgasm in men.

Peaking allows you to experience extended pleasure, while helping you control the urge to ejaculate. You may also find that your final orgasm will be more intense than usual, especially if you can level off for a while before ejaculation.

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