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Male Multiple Orgasm

The orgasm can be defined as the portion of the sexual experience that approximately takes place between 2 seconds and 7 seconds prior to ejaculation. It effectively combines a flood of sensations via the scrotum and penis, quickening of breath and an increase in full-body sensitivity. Ejaculation is basically the final step of the stimulation process and is characterized by semen release release. In addition, ejaculation involves the release of neurotransmitters that send the male body into a rest and recovery mode (refractory period). It is common knowledge especially to males that once they hit the refractory period (lasts about 30 minutes), you are down and consequently out for some time. This is the reason why multi-orgasmic is desired and it is actually possible.

How a male can have multiple orgasms

For the longest time, it has been known that it is virtually impossible for a man to experience multiple orgasms without having a refractory period. However, not every male orgasm is ejaculatory in the same way that not every female orgasm is a g-spot orgasm. The following simple rules can help men to get much closer to having multiple rounds of orgasms:

Check T-levels
The secret to having harder erections, refractory periods that are shorter as well as better orgasms is having optimal levels of testosterone. A qualified doctor via a blood test can easily check the levels of testosterone. The doctor must one that specializes in hormone replacement therapy and anti-aging medicine. The normal levels of testosterone lie between 300 nanograms to 1000 nanograms per deciliter of blood.

Signs that indicate low levels of testosterone include depression, mental fogginess, difficulty gaining muscle, fat gain, decreased libido and fatigue. Low levels of testosterone can be increased through the consumption of a diet that is rich in fats and protein, sleeping for a minimum of 8 hours as well as lifting weights 3 to 6 times per week. Low levels of testosterone is not a problem that is only common in aged men because there are young men who suffer from it.

Strengthen PC muscles
Men should not experience multiple orgasms accidentally, it is possible to learn how to invite such a desirable reaction. This can be achieved by trying out personal sets of Kegel exercises that function to strengthen the body’s pelvic floor muscles. These exercises will help to strengthen a male’s ability to control his ejaculatory and orgasmic responses during intercourse.

The pubococcygeus (PC) muscle that stretches from the pubic bone all to the way to the tailbone is responsible for controlling ejaculation. If a man can prevent himself from ejaculation following an orgasm, there is a high likelihood that he will successfully skip the refractory period to orgasm multiple times. Kegel exercises can be performed by contracting the PC muscle in a similar fashion, as you would control urine flow when peeing. Kegel exercises can be practised by contracting the PC muscle for about 10 seconds while sitting down at the office or in a car.

Kegel exercises require men to clench their pelvic floor muscles, significantly slow down the rate of breathing and most importantly, to let the urge they have of ejaculation pass.

Different position
Erection and ejaculation can be controlled by trying different positions. One can try having intercourse in a chair but she has to be in the chair while the man is on top. Furthermore, the man should still be able to be erect and even pull out prior to ejaculation. This way, the man can successfully tighten his muscles just before the point of ejaculation and orgasm cane be experienced multiple times without ejaculation.

It should be noted that most of the techniques above require sufficient practice in order to be effective. This is to mean that some deliberate effort will be necessary. However, once they are mastered a man can be sure that he is on his way to multiple orgasms.

There is a slight difference between regular orgasms and non-ejaculatory orgasms. It is therefore wise to lower expectations a bit. This is because they are less intense. Nonetheless, there are men that prefer numerous small orgasms rather than a large intense one. Try any or all of the tips outlined above and witness yourself experience the rare male multiple orgasm. Women are not the only ones who can climax indefinitely during intercourse.

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