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Male Genital Massage

  1. Make sure your hands are warm. Rub them together or run them under water before you begin.
  2. Hold one testicle between the thumb and fingers of each hand. Firmy, but gently, massage the testicle for about a minute. Repeat with the other testicle. This helps bring blood to the area and may cause you to become aroused.
  3. Hold your penis up in the air (tip pointed at your belly button) and tap your testicle lightly with your finger for about a minute. This has been shown to increase sperm production.
  4. Next, hold your penis and scrotum with your thumb and forefinger around the base like a loop. Gently pull your penis and scrotum forward, as though you were going to remove them from your body. Stretch them to the left, to the right, up and down, as though you were moving around a joystick. Stretch each way 20 times. This exercise will keep the ducts that carry your sperm open and healthy.

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