Anatomy Given the amount of attention to this important body part, it is strange that there is so much myth, mystery and misinformation about the penis. First off, there are no bones or muscles in the penis. In fact, the penis is made up primarily of spongy tissue, which becomes engorged with blood during erection.

Mental Aspects Many of the techniques presented here take some time to perfect, so don't get discouraged if you don't get immediate results. With a little patience, however, even a novice can master and enjoy any of the techniques presented here.

Masturbation Techniques

Masturbation and the Kama Sutra From the brain, you can channel this sexual energy (known to Taoists as the ching-chi) throughout the body, allowing you to control ejaculation and to ease the sexual tension of arousal when other means are inappropriate.

Peak and Prolong Your Orgasms While you masturbate, rate the stages of your arousal from 0 (totally non-aroused) to 10 (orgasm and ejaculation). At each stage, say to yourself, "This is what five feels like", "This is what six feels like". Pause at each stage to allow yourself to get a good feel for the stage.

Male Genital Massage Next, hold your penis and scrotum with your thumb and forefinger around the base like a loop. Gently pull your penis and scrotum forward, as though you were going to remove them from your body.

Male Multiple Orgasm By male multiple orgasm, we mean the ability of a man to have two or more orgasms without a rest period in between. In addition, it is the ability of a man to sustain an erection between orgasms while practising hands free masturbation.

The PC Workout Three times a day, flex your PC muscle for a two count, then release it. Do 20 of these at a time. As simple as it sounds, this is probably the single most important exercise you can do to strengthen your erections, control ejaculation and increase the power and intensity of your orgasms. We recommend you using a male masturbator for these types of excercises.

The Power Penis Workout Ideally you should do 10 groups of 10 daily, but you may want to start off a bit slower. Between each set of 10, masturbate until you feel yourself getting closer and closer to orgasm.

Increase Your Ejaculate Nutrition plays a great role in determining both the content and volume of your ejaculate. Naturally, a balanced diet is essential for good sexual health, but the vitamins, minerals and supplements listed below can have a dramatic effect on the volume of ejaculate your body produces.

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